Yung Lean – Ghosttown ft. Travi$ Scott (Prod. By Yung Gud)

Yung Lean is a rapper and producer from Sweden. I Haven’t posted a track from Yung Lean yet but after hearing this one, I couldn’t help myself. For any of you that aren’t aware of this rapper yet, you should definitely check out some of his videos and songs on Youtube or Soundcloud.

Other than the music he produces, Lean has a very unique style when it comes to clothing and the way he presents himself. It’s very easy to see that he likes doing things his way and he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks about it. In an interview with The Fader, he says ” Fuck a philosophy. No, you just do what you like!” (Check out the video here.)


If you are into sad rap and looking for some chill music then check out Yung Lean’s music and listen to the track below. The track also features Travis Scott so you already know it’s going to be good!

Yung Lean – Ghosttown ft. Travis Scott (Prod. By Yung Gud)


1.20.2016 Joey Bada$$ Turns 21 Years Old!/ “Christ Conscious” Music Video & LYRICS!

Joey Badass turns 21 today (1.20.2016) and this post goes out to him! I remember when I started listening to his music a few years ago. I was in awe of what him and the rest of Beast Coast was putting out because it all connected so well with my life and they released a completely new style of rap. It’s amazing that he is only 21 and he still continues to evolve and progress in the music industry.


Joey has released so many well-made songs that I would consider him one of the best in the game right now and one of the best rappers to come out of NYC ever. His lyrics are like none I have ever heard before, but the message behind it is even more important. The amount of success he has had and fans he has acquired up until now show that he is a really talented rapper and he deserves the credit.

I was going to post this one already but I decided to wait until today to do it. If you haven’t already listened to “Christ Conscious” already then you will see why I would consider him such a talented rapper.

This post goes out to Joey Badass… Happy Birthday homie!

Joey Bada$$ – “Christ Conscious” (Prod. By Basquiat)

*LYRICS Below Video*


This is what you want, huh?
Mike checker, checker, checker
Ya, ya ya(Verse)
Uh, muthafuckin’ mike checker
Keep that grip tight like mine Smith & Wesson
Ike with the mike, which nigga tryna turnt up?
Hit ya with the hurtful fucking truth like ?
Mothafuckin’ mike eater!
Spitting hot shit, hit yo dome with the heater
Wouldnt want to be ya, this lyrical fajitas
Got dragon balls like my name were Vegeta
Muthafuckin’ super duper swankin’
Niggas still hating, pigs want ‘im fo’ the bacon
Take em to the slaughterhouse, say we bout to order out
Tell em we the bada$$, muthafuckas that they heard about
Yes I guess the word is out, we comin’ fo’ the top dolla
Top rottweiler, since I popped my colla
Niggas say they hit us, they ain’t eva shot nada
Me? Id rather not snitch up fo’ my own problems
Cuz Im a microphone killer
Especially when my head is gone off that liquor
Specially educated, heavily medicated
Give me that beat, and Ill put ya next to Dilla
Flow sweeta than vanilla
Tell these haters beat it, can’t Jackson thriller
Im the nigga that ya see when ya’re in the mirror
Say my name 5 times, this what I deliver

This a muthafuckin’ nuke that I’m dropping
The world in my pocket, kick ya out yo continent
Always drop hot shit, toroidal Flow be constant
And I wont stop till I reach Christ conscious, nigga

Which one of y’all niggas really want it with me?!
None of y’all niggas, fuck outta here!
Beast coast nigga, ProEra in yo area

This a muthafuckin’ nuke that I’m dropping
The world in my pocket, kick ya out yo continent
Always drop hot shit, toroidal Flow be constant
And I wont stop till I reach Christ conscious, nigga.

Movement Electronic Music Festival – Detroit, MI 2016/ Ticket info/ Official Trailer

Don’t forget to buy your Movement tickets before they sell out!

*The only tickets that are available for sale are the GA Weekend passes for $135.00 ($12.00 service fee) and the VIP Second Wave tickets for $300.00 ($17.15 service fee).

Purchase your tickets here.

Below is the official trailer for Movement Detroit 2016. Enjoy!


I have to say that this is the best song ILOVEMAKONNEN has ever made (in my opinion). Every verse flows perfectly into the next and honestly the lyrics are hard as f@!k. If you are a fan of any kind of rap I definitely recommend giving this one a listen! Check out the music video below! It’s in 4k by the way…


Find it on Soundcloud here.