Flosstradamus’ Josh Young Announces Split Between the Group. Says he’s “Leaving to Focus on a Solo Project.”

Don’t worry there is no beef between the members on Flosstradamus, this decision was just an outcome of “soulsearching,” says Josh Young in an Instagram video he posted. If you ask me, this is a pretty heartbreaking decision for a lot of people. I mean, I’m not kidding, some people literally have their logo tatted on them, including Josh.

He stated that there is no conflict between him and Curt, he has just come to the conclusion that he wants to do solo work. I respect him for the decision he made. It isn’t easy to tell thousands of dedicated fans that their favorite DJ’s are splitting up, but if u ask me this was probably the best decision he could’ve made.

If he didnt feel right in the situation he was in, no matter how many fans he had, he needed to get out of it to reach his true goals. Now that he is on the right path and is doing the things that truly make him happy, I believe it will show in his music. Don’t sleep on these two, there is some great stuff in store for us! Also, just a reminder, Flosstradamus is not completely done, Curt will continue under the same name.

Check out Josh’s Instagram post below!

Curt’s Twitter post:


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