Smokepurpp is Blowing Up in 2017! New Track Featuring Madeintyo – ‘Houdini’ 3.4.2017

For anyone that has been following rap music in 2017, chances are you have heard of Smokepurpp (AKA Lil Purpp, AKA Lil Water). The first time I listened to his music was when the ‘Ski Mask’ video came out on Youtube and it blew up so fast. At the time, I wasn’t sure if he was just going to be a one hit wonder or much more than that. I have to say I was definitely proven wrong.

2017 has been an amazing year for Smokepurpp, as his following keeps getting bigger and bigger by the day. It’s kind of easy to see how his work ethic has changed over the past couple months, coming out with more content now than ever before, and linking with some big artists in the game right now.

Towards the end of 2016, he released a track called ‘Fuck a Swisher’ featuring Xavier Wulf. At the time of this song’s release is when I really saw his following grow the fastest. This came along with the rise of his best friend Lil Pump, who you guys should listen to as well. When I say that I’m really not kidding. The ‘Fuck a Swisher’ music video that was released 3 weeks ago already has almost 200k views, and his new track ‘Houdini’ featuring Madeintyo already has 130k plays on Soundcloud in a day! Trust me when I tell you guys, this song is one that all of you rap fans really should listen to. I posted the audio at the bottom of this post.

‘Houdini’ Cover Art

On top of his new music, I would keep your eyes peeled for more of Smokepurpp this year. With the progression that I have seen so far, and all of the hype that hes been receiving already in 2017, I can assure you that you will be seeing much more of his name in the future, just wait…

Smokepurpp – Houdini ft. MADEINTYO [Prod. Gnealz & BigHead]


Chris Travis Drops His New Mixtape ‘Forgive Me’ 3.1.2017

For any of you that have been listening to Chris Travis over the years, it’s pretty easy to see the amount of progression in his lyrics and songs in general. This mixtape is even more proof of that.


Above is a picture of Chris and Xavier wulf a few years ago when they first started popping off. Even when he was younger he was killin’ it just how he describes in his songs.

The best part is he is much better now, which says a lot. His flows and lyrics are impeccable to say the least, and listening to this mixtape is definitely a must for any of you lyricists out there. I posted all of the tracks below. Enjoy!